Make-up tips for tackling our late-20s…

Makeup artist applying liquid tonal foundation  on the face

From my mid- to my late-20s, I really started to notice a difference in my skin. It no longer bounced back overnight from whatever was thrown its way. Every hour of missed sleep, every work stress and every ‘just the one’ after work on a Friday started to show that little bit more prominently in the mirror the next morning. I asked award-winning make-up artist Sarah Brock for some tips for getting the most out of my make-up as I head towards my 30s, as the foundation I used to pick up for under £10 ten years ago is no longer cutting it for me..

1) Make sure your moisturiser nourishes your skin but isn’t too heavy, otherwise your make-up will end up sliding off. I love the Filorga Time Filler under make-up as it plumps the skin and keeps it that way throughout the day, without being greasy in texture.

2) Apply a small amount of silicone-based primer after moisturiser, which will not only help keep make-up fresh all day, but also fill in fine lines and wrinkles. The Daniel Sandler Re-texturizing Primer has been in my kit for years and it really works. It also fills in open pores which can be an issue.

3) As we get older, we still want coverage but because of skin ageing and dryness, make-up can look amazing at first before starting to look dry and cakey towards the end of the day. Less is definitely more, so it is better to invest in a few good quality products to apply in thin layers, than applying lots of products that can add to the caked effect. Choose foundations and base products with skincare benefits, which help keep the skin hydrated and plump all day. These two foundations are my favourite because of the ingredients/ finish on the skin. For a light coverage, the Estee Lauder Daywear BB Creme leaves the skin looking flawless and more youthful all day. For a heavier coverage, the Clarins Extra Comfort Anti-ageing Foundation is a must-have. Using your fingers, apply a small amount over the face, starting in the centre and blend outwards.

4) We all need a little help with dark circles, but many of the under-eye concealers on the market can give us coverage, but leave the skin looking drier and older as they can sit in any fine lines and wrinkles. Clarins Instant Concealer is my absolute favourite and gives amazing coverage without sitting in lines and wrinkles.

5) Cream blushers are a must, as we want to avoid powder as much as possible as we get older. Cream blushers give a youthful, healthy glow, whilst still keeping skin moist and plump. Apply your blusher after foundation and before any face powder (if you need too). Le Blush Creme de Chanel is an amazing blusher and comes in a great range of shades. After you have applied blusher to the cheeks, dab a tiny amount of cream highlighter to the cheekbones as this really helps to lift the face. Don’t overdo it and blend well. Highlighter by Jouer Cosmetics is quick and easy to use.

6) If you have shine on your t-zone and want to set your foundation, use a powder that is finely milled – if the powder is too chalky, it can age the skin. Just use a tiny amount where needed. The Daniel Sandler Invisible Blotting Powder is so fine you can even use it under the eyes.

7) Once you have created the perfect base, you can then apply your eye make-up and lip colour as you like. With eyeshadows, a little bit of shimmer is fine but glittery products can sit in fine lines and wrinkles and make us look older. Curling your eyelashes really opens eyes to make them look bigger and adds to a more fresh-faced appearance. Lip gloss over lipstick will also make lips look fuller and more youthful.

For more information about Sarah’s work, Click here



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