Fitness Review: 1Rebel Rumble Boxing Class | National Geographic Traveller


Joanna Reeves @Journo_Jo29 is hooked on the @1Rebel_UK  Rumble boxing class

In the darkness, shifting silhouettes are illuminated briefly under the spotlights. A strobe light flickers across the glistening face of a woman with clenched fists a few steps to my right.

Gritty music pounds out from the speakers, building the anticipation crackling through the basement room.

No, I’m not in a grimy London bar, I’m at 1Rebel’s Rumble, the high-intensity boxing class taking uber-fit Londoners by storm.

Styled as the ‘gym for people who hate gyms’, 1Rebel is the brainchild of James Balfour, son of Fitness First owner Mike Balfour. Pay-as-you-go sessions do away with membership fees, while high-intensity, ‘no pain, no gain’-type workouts aim to achieve visible results, faster.

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